Amnon David Ar

Ar’s exceptional skill in rendering form and texture manifests itself particularly in his marvelous nudes , the rendering of the human body still is an artistic specialty which – especially nowadays – only a few painters really master. Ar is definitely one of them: his female nudes are modeled so delicately, and the texture of their skin is rendered in such a convincing way, that they really come to life on the canvas." "Ar not only follows Rembrandt’s footsteps in his preference for portraying contemplative people, he is also an extremely prolific painter of self-portraits. These self-portraits form a special category within Ar’s oeuvre, and one that contains only masterpieces. Especially Ar’s drawn self-portraits demonstrate his unique capacity to capture both the outside and the inside of people’s heads.
Canonic creations from the history of art are gazing from Amnon David Ar portraits. He reveals profound self awareness combined with an almost endless curiosity. Amnon David Ar is indeed self taught, but as such he is very familiar with the history of art, and it seems impossible not to notice the use he does with this knowledge in his paintings.
* Dr. Aya Lurie, Director of the Herzelia Museum of Art, 2009 Text for catalog
The work of Amnon David Ar projects humility and seriousness that eliminates anything external to painting." "His Realism reflects severity that creates reliability; he is busy at painting, letting the substances seep gently, as if by coincidence.
* Ruti Director, Curator at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, july 2004
He succeeds in adding to traditional tools of painting a free and fresh touch.
Go Jerusalem, December 2009
A moving, observing and profound exhibition.
* Gogay, June 2005
Amnon David Ar winner of the Schiff prize chosen out of over fifty Artists.
* Maariv, June 2008
Unlike most people Ar insists on understanding and examining the complexity of the psychological process of observation and interpretation of the forms and patterns we see around.
Ahbar Ha'ir , July 2011
His extraordinary technical capabilities are to no extent taking any of the emotional and intellectual reactions to of the viewer.
nrg, July 2008
He is both nationally and internationally recognized as a master painter of exceptional talent.
* The Great Nude
First Winner of the "Haiim Schiff" prize, overcoming 50 artists
* Ynet